3 Strategies To Help You Win At Dragon City Game

Get precious stones without spending money

Purple gems are the currency of Dragon City guide. You can pay for them. Nevertheless, there are seven ways to get them for free:

– You win a diamond every time you go to the next level.

– Ask your daily bonus. You can get large amounts of precious stones.

– On Monday, there is a special award that allows you to earn diamonds.

– Contribute to surveys or promotions offered by the game.

– Invite your friends to discover Dragon City: You will receive five gems for each contact accepts your invitation.

– Participate in tournaments League Dragon. If you win a tournament, you receive two diamonds and gold. You can compete three times a day, so enjoy it.

– Build a Dragon Stadium and made your fight monsters. For each event you organize, you will gain two gems and money.

Needless to say that we get diamonds that much effort prices. Save them and use them to unlock special items. Do not waste to speed up construction time, hatching eggs, etc.

Change level

Before you stop playing, collect all the rewards


One last tip: before stopping your game in Dragon City, ask the firm to produce crops as long as possible.the correct way on breeding dragons at dragon city Collect gold from all habitats, even if the icon does not appear. To do this, simply select each habitat and click on the Collect option.

Collect gold before closing the game